Misting Systems

Continuous Mosquito and Tick Control

For a more permanent solution to your mosquito or tick problem, you may want to consider an automatic misting system. A misting system releases quick bursts of spray several times daily, helping protect your family from outdoor pests all day and throughout the night.

With an Adios Mosquitoes misting system, you won’t have to worry about conspicuous hardware or accessories cluttering your outdoor spaces. Misting nozzles are discreetly placed around your lawn in places where you encounter mosquitoes or ticks most often.

No Hassles for Busy Moms and Dads

Adios Mosquitoes takes care of all aspects of your misting system, from system maintenance and service to winterization and spring start up. You won’t have to spend your time monitoring your system; instead, you can be with your family, enjoying the great outdoors.

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