Barrier Sprays

Protection from Mosquitoes and Ticks for 21 Days

If you’re looking for a pest control solution, Adios Mosquitoes has the answer. Our Barrier Spray program can help relieve your family and pets of the annoyance and dangers from mosquitoes and ticks.

Our technicians treat your yard with a pyrethroid spray, which keeps you protected for 21 days. The spray kills mosquitoes and ticks on contact. Then, when new pests feed off of your plants and trees, the residue on the leaves kills them as well.

Our services can be scheduled to fit your needs. We can spray your yard on an “as needed” basis, or you can choose to sign up for Full Season treatment. Customers who sign up for a Full Season will automatically receive treatment every 21 days and, as an added benefit, receive a 15% discount off our standard rates.

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